A render of the scouting app

Centralize your team’s strategy in minutes.

Easily view real-time analytics built on human-collected data.

Screenshot of Lovat Collection's game screen.

Scouting built for scouters.

The app presents only the actions the robot is capable of in the moment, minimizing distractions and eliminating the need to look away from the field.

Screenshot of Lovat's Team Lookup feature
Team Lookup

Everything in one place.

Tap or type a team to instantly access averaged stats, notes and breakdown metrics. Tap a category for more details, from sparklines to contribution breakdowns.

Screenshot of Lovat's My Alliance feature
My Alliance

Coordinate, collaborate, dominate.

Spot your alliance’s strengths and weaknesses. Avoid conflicts by planning and visualizing auto paths with our auto path visualizer.

Screenshot of Lovat's Match Prediction feature
Match Prediction

Predict the future to change the future.

Adjust your strategy based on a variety of predictions. Quickly spot other alliances’ weaknesses by flipping in between the red and blue alliance.

Screenshot of Lovat's Dynamic Picklists feature
Dynamic Picklists

Perfect your picklist.

Drag and drop the sliders to make one of 10^15 possible custom picklists. Then share with your team with the tap of a button.

Screenshot of Lovat's Mutable Picklists feature
Mutable Picklists

Test and tune.

Convert it to a mutable picklist to drag and drop teams into a different order, instantly updating your team with the changes without sharing a spreadsheet.


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The Lovat apps support iOS and Android, with more on the way. Scouters can use their existing devices, and Lovat Dashboard users can use the same account on any device.


Offline support

Spotty connections shouldn’t mean spotty data. Matches save to scout devices and can be transferred via a network or QR codes.


Quick setup

Register your team for Lovat Dashboard in minutes, without a member of our team. Or join your existing team on Lovat Dashboard or Lovat Collection in one step.

Scale up your strategy.